Supernova Group

Technology and Production

The ability to adapt to ever -changing consumer demands requires Supernova to remain flexible and quickly adapt to industry trends. Processing and technological advancement have become such an important facet of the plastic packaging industry that they are now less of a differentiating factor, and more of a required characteristic of the space.

End-market use drives demand for many plastic packaging manufacturers and with an increasing number of brand names flooding the market place there is a heightened importance placed on brand distinction; changes in consumer lifestyles are demanding packaging improvements in safety and convenience; and a number of new products hit the shelves each year, which require new features and improved functionality. To address all these demands, Supernova’s research and development efforts in the plastic packaging space are currently devoted to innovations that help to differentiate products: convenience packaging, improved barrier protection, packaging design initiatives, smart packaging, and environmentally-friendly alternatives.

About SUPERNOVA - Flexible Packaging

Supernova is marketing its flexible packaging products worldwide with its state-of-the-art equipment from cylinder making; multi-color printing; various laminating and many other sophisticated finishing.