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Packaging is essential for preserving food quality, minimising food waste and reducing preservatives used in food. If the products are not packaged properly, the packaging process can become a source of contamination or compromise. Proper packaging protects the food products from damage, chemical and microbiological contamination. Consumers expect packaging to prevent contamination and leakage while preserving flavor and keeping food fresh. We look at ways to support food industries optimize their food safety and sanitation procedures during the packaging process. Supernova has everything you need to help you transform your innovative designs into packaging reality.

Frozen Food

Find the perfect food package for your application
We use only high quality rotogravure print capabilities to create "frozen food products" packaging designs that are made to endure the stress of transportation and handling while still delivering consumer appeal in the freezer case.

Personal Care

We cater to the personal care goods segment and offer packaging solutions for all uses, such as single use products. Our packaging will come in jumbo rolls, where our customers have found it easy to use in their packing machines.


We offer packaging solutions for various homecare products such detergents. Our packaging comes in many shapes, such as the sharp-form pouch. Our packaging ensures that the aroma of the product stays within the packaging until being used by the consumer.

Health Care

We provide packaging solutions for healthcare products such as supplements, energy drinks, etc. Our products can be equipped with different sealing and barrier layers, according to the needs of each individual product.

Confectionery, Snack

Our snack packaging products ensures that the product inside retains its freshness and crispiness for the duration of its shelf life. We use food-grade materials to ensure the safety of the consumers.


We cater to different customer needs for beverage packaging. We provide packaging solutions for different shelf-life requirements and sizes. Currently, we serve markets whose beverage quantities come in large packs, to markets where drinks are sold in sachets.

Seasoning & Condiment, Edible Oil (Margarine & Cooking Oil)

Our multi-layer barrier film products preserve the aroma of the contents. For products that are meant to be cooked with the packaging, we offer packaging solutions that can withstand high temperature and heat, and is safe for heating/cooking purpose.

About SUPERNOVA - Flexible Packaging

Supernova is marketing its flexible packaging products worldwide with its state-of-the-art equipment from cylinder making; multi-color printing; various laminating and many other sophisticated finishing.